Doing Good

Nonprofits influence community health when they engage supporters and the public to grow and flourish. HuTerra's programs help charities and nonprofits harvest the seeds they are sowing, so they can continue to support the community. Claim your nonprofit community today and get started!


Nonprofits need as much support as possible from the community. Whether looking for extra hands to help, extra dollars in their bank, or a broader public awareness, nonprofits will do all they can to make their mission more successful. HuTerra's CROWDFUNDING PLATFORM offers nonprofits the ability to fundraise and execute events.


Nonprofits are always looking for ways to engage supporters and gain momentum for their mission through a community that fully embraces its efforts. HuTerra offers a consumer-based reward program that allows supporters to tie into their community, helping them easily earn for any cause. HUTERRA REWARDS program can be easily integrated into existing fundraising efforts and can be a free way to meet and exceed contribution goals. More info...


Nothing says more about a nonprofits mission than personal testimonies from supporters. Product Sales Fundraising is the perfect way to help spread the word and gain support. We make it easy to sell products and help volunteers and supporters meet fundraising goals online. HuTerra's online marketplace can replace door to door efforts, making fundraising safer and more effective. Spend less time selling and more time helping your mission!


Everyone likes a good party! HuTerra's online EVENT MANAGEMENT platform allows nonprofits to run events flawlessly from beginning to end. Create and list an event, create Teams, and gain momentum with this interactive and easy-to-use program. Track events success and see real-time results. We make it easy to execute any event so nonprofits have more time to focus on what matters most: doing good in the community.

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

~Winston Churchill

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How HuTerra Rewards Builds Stronger Communities


Nonprofits begin to engage their supporters by creating an account in HuTerra and claiming their community. Click here to find out how.


Once their Community is claimed Nonprofits can share details of the HuTerra Rewards program with their supporters on social media and via email. The more supporters shop at participating businesses the more nonprofit organization earns through the Rewards program.


HuTerra will track sales and distribute funds earned by supporters to nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit organizations mission becomes stronger as local support drives its success.