HuTerra Rewards Badge

The HuTerra Rewards program is an easy way for the community to help causes further positive missions by connecting supporters, businesses, and nonprofits. Supporters earn money for their favorite causes by shopping local, while participating businesses give back to the schools, churches, and nonprofits that their customers care most about.

Support Local with HuTerra Rewards:

  • Gain loyal customers by giving back to their favorite causes
  • Enables you to always say “YES” to donation requests
  • Track the bottom-line impact of your charitable giving
  • No changes to in store equipment or procedures



Nonprofits begin to engage their supporters by creating an account in HuTerra and claiming their community. Click here to find out how.


Once their Community is claimed Nonprofits can share details of the HuTerra Rewards program with their supporters on social media and via email. The more supporters shop, the more nonprofits earn through the Rewards program.


HuTerra will track sales and distribute funds earned by supporters to nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit organizations mission becomes stronger as local support drives its success.



Businesses agree to give back a percentage of their sales to their customers chosen nonprofit organizations.


Businesses encourage current and new customers to participate in the program while Nonprofit organizations drive their supporters to participating businesses.


HuTerra tracks program sales, shares transaction details with participating businesses and calculates rewards. Businesses are invoiced for pledged funds which are then distributed to their customers chosen nonprofit organizations.



Supporters shop at businesses that give back a percentage of sales to their customers chosen nonprofit organizations. HuTerra makes this easy with the My HuTerra app. Just download the app, search for participating businesses and shop!


Supporters use the My HuTerra app to scan their receipts from participating businesses. HuTerra will keep track of scanned receipts and invoice businesses for the percentage they have pledged to give back.


HuTerra validates the receipts, calculates rewards and distributes pledged funds to the supporter's favorite nonprofit organizations.

Get Started by downloading the My HuTerra mobile app!